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Photo by Igor Ovsyannykov on Unsplash IS a new platform created for filmmakers and musicians alike. Offering filmmakers a chance to avoid low-quality stock music, and too expensive custom music, this is a yearly subscription to high-quality music by aspiring musicians. 


It appears that the subscription for filmmakers is $199/year. With this subscription they have the access to use the music on a license contract for any project, commercial use and even youtube monetization. 

The question lies in whether this platform pays the artists. On their artist sign up page, they explain that it is a non-exclusivity agreement for artists, so that they can utilize other licensing/publishing platforms. However the risk exists that if a publishing deal that is exclusive pays out well, the artist has already submitted their music to be used. 

We will keep up to date on the experience for the artist as we have submitted materials recently. If you are interested in checking out the site.. click the link below!