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Artist Business: The Importance of Creative Commons Licensing

This blog is dedicated to sharing our experiences as we build ourselves as Entrepreneurial Artists. 

In this blog, we will talk briefly about the importance of learning about Creative Common Licensing. If you don't know, our resident Singer, Krena Dean released her music two years ago, and her objective was to release it for free and still gain exposure. If you are an artist that is looking for exposure, this very detail about choosing Creative Common Licensing may be the move for you. 

A Creative Common License is one path to gaining exposure by allowing other creators to use your music on their platform. They do not buy your music, but they can still send traffic to you in order to buy your music. The Creative Common license gives exposure by giving your music out for free with restrictions of your own choosing. Maybe you want producers and DJs to remix your music and share it with their audiences. Maybe you want to get your music to be available for popular youtube vloggers to use your music as a means to improve their content. In any agreement, the user is required to acknowledge that you are the creator and source of the music. Which can send their viewers over to you. While this may not always guarantee money, it can guarantee more fans. The question you have to ask yourself as an artist is which do you prefer more of right now with your music? Fans or Money? 

There are several uses of Creative Common licenses in which you can be distinctive on what others can do with your music. Do you want others to be free to remix your music, or would you prefer for it to be unaltered? Pay attention to the following video which breaks it down for you. Certain platforms like soundcloud, allow you to either Hold all rights for yourself, or join a Creative Common license which can put you in specific search results and gain exposure, especially if you are starting out without fans. If you are to choose Creative Common License, you may want to consider and revise, what search terms may be used to find your music, and keep altering your titles until you get good results. This is a strategy that we will be using with Krena Dean's Moon in Gemini Project and welcome you to share what does work and doesn't work for you.