For Artists

For Artists: Building Repertoire with a Purpose

This blog is dedicated to sharing our experiences as we build ourselves as Entrepreneurial Artists. 

The art of creating is truly one that we as Artists have to hone in on everyday or as often as possible. It is essential to keep working on your craft and building your skill so that when the time of opportunity comes that you are ready for it. 

Whatever your skill may be, songwriting, composing, singing, rapping, dancing, painting, etc. You may often find that you are waiting on the inspiration to come to you. I'm sure every artist has their "process". What we have been learning here on our team is the importance of going at your craft everyday, even when you don't feel like it. Think of the best sports players, scientists, entrepreneurs, etc. They work everyday, even when they don't feel like it. The best sports players are doing their physical drills and working out consistently, even when they would rather not. This is what as Artists, we are learning to incorporate in our daily schedule so that when the opportunity comes, we are ready. There are some days that aren't as creatively inspired as others, but even if these days come, getting something done, going through some vocal exercise or writing opportunity is essential to help us build our repertoire and our skill. One of the best motivational speakers, TONY ROBBINS, says that "Repetition is the key to success". As an artist, if you are consistently repeating your craft, then you will reach mastery due to the mundane act of working consistently and everyday. This is a principle that we are striving to live by. We still struggle and miss a few days, but it is a principle that we embrace to keep us going. As Artists we desire to live extraordinary lives, but must learn to embrace the ordinary routine to get there. Think of it this way, if this is your passion, then its better to dedicate yourself working on your passion more than working at a job that you don't really like or aspire to be in very long. Quite often you will dedicate yourself to that job cause it pays the bills of course, but if you also dedicate yourself to your craft everyday, then it is paying your soul's needs and your vision. 

One way to start is to have some big goals, long-term goals that can help stretch you and motivate you to your everyday calling. Ours is growing a fan base of course, but also having a repertoire that we can pick and choose for licensing, royalties, and submissions for various opportunities of exposure. But first must come the ART! 

To begin your consistency, schedule your routine into your week. Prep yourself with some of the skills you want to sharpen, that way you can pick and choose what you want to work on each day. Make it a habit, and then a ritual. What you do everyday, is what you will become! Now let us all get to work!