Meet the Creators

The Beege & Krena Dean - 

Coming together as two unique artists, we are a couple based out of Brooklyn, New York. We began our commitment in music through attending LAGUARDIA HIGH SCHOOL of Performing Arts & Music and Art, yes indeed, we attended the same school but we were not high school sweet hearts, instead we came together after completing college. The Beege completed his Musical studies at Suny ONEONTA and Krena at Westminster Choir College. We came together as twin flames would, radically and lovingly. As our Love grew, so did our melodies. Tired of working unfulfilling jobs, 2 years ago we began a music store on FIVERR.COM to sell our services as The O!K! TEAM. We merged work ethic, education and experience to create a successful online music store and have now completed over 620 orders. 

Brooklyn Music World is a idea come to life. We wanted to eliminate the struggle of "the starving artist" and find a way to make music and sustain ourselves. We continue to embark on our individual artistic journey, but also combine our passion to bring forth a Renaissance for artisans. 

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